Muntele Mare 56km – 1948m↑

This is the most challenging trip that we have to offer. It’s only for well trained bikers.

Starting from our gate you take a right and start uphill on the asphalt road. First you pass the gorge and then Lunca Larga. When the road turns into a dirt road you take a right and climb up through the forest until you reach the grasslands. Where a few tracks come together you keep going straight and start a steep decent down to a small stream.

Climbing up towards Muntele Mare.

After crossing the stream you go left and make your way up on a forest road until you reach Muntele Baisoara. Here you find your way to the asphalt and take a left in the direction of Buscat Ski Resort.

If you come to early in spring you might encounter some snow after you pass the ski resort.

Once you pass the Ski Resort you keep going on the same road which will be unpaved for the rest of the trip. You keep following this road all the way until you get to the military radar station on top. Don’t go in to the base, but have a nice look at the beautiful views before turning around.

Getting ready for the steep descent from Pietrele Marunte.

Just before reaching the Ski Resort you should take a right on the Yellow-Dot-marking and go down Pietrele Marunte. This is a very technical track that brings you down to Stefans Trailer. You pass the trailer on the left side and keep going until you get to the point where you’ve been earlier out in your trip where a few tracks come together. From here there’s two option. The most sensible one is to go back the same way you came up when you started the trip.

Taking the hard way back through the forest.

But of course you should choose the more exciting route and take a left and go up to the cross on the left side hill. Keep following this track all the way until you get to Runc. 

Coming back to Runc. Tara Nomada within reach.
Total distance: 56156 m
Total climbing: 1948 m
Download file: MBMunteleMare1.gpx

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