About Us

We are Jordi Kromwijk and Bente Haller. In the autumn of 2015 we left The Netherlands and emigrated to this beautiful village in Romania, together with our (then) one-year-old daughter Vera. Since then our family is extented with our son Raphael.
The whole family on one of our hikes
In 2010 we explored Romania for the first time. We had traveled together a lot before this to many impressive parts of the world, but it was Romania that left a very special mark. We both felt that many amazing countries came together in Romania. The first thing that struck us was the hospitality and the helpfulness of the people. We were very surprised by the beautiful untouched nature and traditional ways of living in the small villages. This positive initial experience with Romania and our dream of being self-sufficient and to live in the mountains came together. In 2015 we made the step to make this dream a reality and moved to Runc, Ocolis.
Bente and Raphael on the swing
The one hundred year old house had not been lived in for many years. The old sheep shed well – was a sheep shed and the surrounding land was overgrown and had not been touched for years. Long story short – there was a lot of work to do. We are ever grateful for the help of family and friends and neighbours. And in June 2017 we opened to visitors.
Jordi and Vera on one of the peaks around.
With the camping and hostel we can share this beautiful place with everyone. We hope that more people find Romania and experience its hospitality, and diverse and beautiful nature.
Speram sa va vedem la Tara Nomada! 
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