Still to this day the land is worked by hand, horses and oxen. Goats and cows graze the green mountain pastures while locals cut the grass with the scythe. The hay is gathered and stacks are built with the whole family. In this beautiful, mountainous Apuseni such authentic villages can be found. 


The surroundings
Tara Nomada lies in such a village. In a fairy-tail valley, surrounded by a breath taking mountainous landscape with endless diverse untouched nature. The fresh mountain streams take the heat out of the long hot summers. Trees give beautiful blossoms in the spring, shade in the summer and fruits and nuts in the autumn. This multi-sided landscape offers endless walking possibilities. In every season beautiful colors and vistas can be taken in. Stunning floral pastures, rock formations, ancient forest, caves, gorges, and views make this area a paradise.
The surroundings
Tara Nomada has a hostel, apartment and a small camping. Come and try the authentic Romanian life and experience the peacefulness of this amazing environment.
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The surroundings

Eagle’s view of our surroundings.

Latest Blogs

  • Bird watching
    Last week it was time for some bird watching in the area. I want to show you some of the beautiful birds that we found. Below you can find the list of all the birds we saw in this one week only. English Latin  Mallard Anas platyrhynchos  Hazel Grouse Tetrastes bonasia  Grey Partridge Perdix perdix …
  • Best catch on the Wildcamera so far.
    I left my wildcamera on a spot in the nearby forest for only 2 weeks.  When I checked the footage there was a great diversity of animals filmed. Even a Bear and the very rare Lynx! Check out the video below to see the video. 0
  • Badger cubs
    I found a new badgers burrow by following tracks in the winters last snow. When I checked the images on the wildcamera it turned out to be inhabited by a mother badger with two cubs. Check the video to see how the cubs discover their backyard for the first time and see what animals come …
  • Wild Camera
    I left my camera for a month at this watering hole just a few hundred meters from Tara Nomada. Check the video to see what animals came for a drink. In this one I placed the camera outside a badgers den. Watch the video to see what they’re up to. And see which animals come …
  • Man who stare at trees – The Movie
    Last year, the two German comedians, Uli and Suso went into the woods from our campsite to survive in the wilderness for two weeks. They captured their adventure and turned it into a real movie. Men Staring at Trees can be viewed via the Youtube link below. (The film is in German but Youtube can …
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