There are many activities to do in our area. Below we give a number of options for an adventurous holiday.


The most accessible activity in our area is hiking. The possibilities are endless and there is a nice walk for every level. There are so many possibilities that we have made a special page for this. Where we describe a number of routes.  You find more details on the hiking here.

Click here to see all our hiking routes.


If it is hot and you want to cool down or refresh yourself in the water, there are also a number of options.

  • The closest option is the stream. This stream brings wonderfully cool mountain water along Tara Nomada. All you have to do is cross the road and walk into the water. Children can enjoy themselves here for hours building dams.
    Waterfun in the stream next to the campsite.
  • If you follow the stream you will reach the Aries after 4.5 km. You can go under the bridge of the DN75. Upstream where the stream enters the river it is wonderful to swim. (Note that during times of heavy rainfall the river can be too wild to swim).
    Where the stream meets the river it is good for swimming. In some parts the water is a few meters deep.
  • Lake Tarnita is a reservoir of astonishing beauty. Hidden between the wooded hills, this lake offers a wonderful opportunity to cool down. The best way to explore the lake is via pedal boats or canoes that you can rent there. (On weekends it can get quite busy on the lake with day trippers from Cluj).
    A beautiful day on the crystal clear waters of lake Tarnita.
  • The outdoor pool at Baia de Aries. The old mining town of Baia de Aries is half an hour’s drive away. There they have a well-maintained outdoor swimming pool with a beautiful view of the green hills and the communist flats where the miners lived.
  • If the weather is bad and you still need a swimming pool, you can go to hotel Potaissa in Turda. Here they have a beautiful indoor pool with jacuzzis, a sauna and a steam room.
    Spa Potaissa


The limestone rocks around us are ideal for climbing. Most trails in the area can be found in the Turda Gorge. As an experienced climber you can get started there yourself. If you have less experience it might be nice to try Via Ferrata with a real guide. For this you can go to Transilvania Extreme Adventures.

Via Ferrata in the Turda gorge.


The Aries river that flows along the main road is usually very suitable for kayaking or rafting. Transilvania Extreme Adventures offers tours from 2 to 3 hours from Vidolm (7km away from us)

Kayaking on the Aries.

Salt mine

If the weather is bad you can visit Salina Turda. This is a huge salt mine where you can take a look at the huge imposing chamber deep underground. The mine shows how they have been mining salt here for centuries. In the meantime, a lot has also been put down for the public. There is a bowling alley, a Ferris wheel and you can sail with boats.

The salt mine is so big that it fits a Ferris wheel and that you can sail a boat.


Half an hour’s drive away is an ethnic Hungarian village at the foot of an impressive rocky outcrop, Piatra Secuiului. The village is beautifully maintained, and has terraces, restaurants, a museum and beautiful hiking opportunities.

Piatra Secuiului towers over Rimetea.

Alba Iulia

The capital of our province was built by the Dacians and declared a capital by the Romans. In Alba Iulia, Transilavania was added to Romania. A city with history. The old center has been beautifully preserved and is definitely worth a visit.

The old centre of Alba Iulia


The mountains are fantastic, and you can cover considerable distances by bike. Ask us for tips if you have your own bicycle, or rent an (electric) mountain bike nearby (Transilvania Extreme Adventures) for a day’s adventure.

Mountainbike ride trough the mountains.

Skiing and Snowboarding

If you come to visit us in the winter, with a bit of luck you can also enjoy winter sports. There are two ski resorts near us, Buscat and Arieseni. Buscat is the closer of the two and is about an hour by car. Arieseni is about two hours away.

Buscat Ski Resort



Our immediate surroundings are ideal for a run. With a run through the mountains you experience just as much as with a whole day of hiking. The Trailrun page gives you a number of routes.

Does Trailrunning seem like a fun challenge to you, but would you rather not go alone? Then Jordi can also come along as a guide.

Running Scarita Belioara
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