Scarita Belioara Circuit 59km – 1413m↑

This route will take you up to Scarita Belioara but the long way around. In front of the gate you take a left and go down on the asphalt, all the way until you reach the Aries River. There you take a right on the DN75 and follow the road for about 7km until you reach Posaga. Here  you take a right and you start your long way up. once you leave the village of Posaga behind you you will ride trough a gorge. In the gorge is a monastery on your left side, which might be interesting for a short stop.

Bike on top of Scarita Belioara

After that you soon reach Posaga de Sus which is at the base of Scarita Belioara, but from here it’s to steep to go up. So we keep following the main road and take the next right towards Sagagea. Take another right until you reach the village of Sagagea. When you reach the bar of the village you take a left and keep going up.

The village of Sagagea

This long bendy forest road takes you up to grasslands on the back of Scarita. Once you get to the Blue-Cross-marking you take a right and follow the markings all the way until you reach the peak of Scarita Belioara. The last bit is very steep, but the reward is big.

The blue-cross-marking.

After you enjoyed the views it’s time for the downhill part of the day. Go down on the same way you climbed up until you reach the first barn. Here you take a right and then you just keep going down until you get back to Tara Nomada.

All the way down!

Total distance: 58949 m
Total climbing: 1413 m
Download file: MBScaritaSagagea.gpx

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