This route will bring you to the big cross that stands on the hill above Ocolis. If you stand at the hostel and look in Southern direction, you can see the big Cross (it looks very small from here) just above Runc’s church tower. This walk is great for a sunny winter day as there’s nothing to block the sun on this trip.

The view from Vârfuiata is breathtaking

From our gate you follow the dirt road that leads to our campsite. Follow it past our house and take a left up on the hill direct after our neighbors’ house. Here you have to make your way all the way up on this hill. It helps a lot of you can follow the gpx file. You will have to climb over two fences. Once you get to the top of our hill you find a road that takes you towards Vârfuiata. On the left you can look down in Ocolisel and on the right side you can see Ocolis and Runc.

Sunset on the way back.

You follow the road until you get very close to the last big climb towards the big cross. Then you take a cowtrack to the right and follow it past a cows drinking spot. Here you keep on one of the many cowtracks that go up until you reach the cross. From here you have an amazing overview of the whole area. On your way back you follow the same route.


Total distance: 9689 m
Total climbing: 720 m
Download file: Varfuiata.gpx

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