Cheile Pociovalistei Run

This walk is also an easy run without to much elevation. Most of the track is a forest road. There’s a total elevation of 343 meters. When you stand in front of our gate you take a left on the Asphalt road. After 400 meters you take a right and start to follow the blue triangle. From here you pass the last few houses of the village (make sure to scare away the small dogs at those houses) before you run into the forest.

The end of the village from where the track will go into the forest.

The road will go through the Pociovalistei Gorge. After 5,5km you get to the end of the forest road. From here you can turn around and run back so you finish the 11km run when you get back. If you continue the blue triangle route you get to Scarita Belioara which is another route of its own.

The rocky walls that will surround you when you go through the gorge.

Total distance: 11094 m
Total climbing: 343 m
Download file: Cheile Pociovalistei.gpx

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