The highest from the 3 peaks that you can see from the campsite. To get to this peak you have to cross the stream on the small footbridge. A little bit upstream you take the cow track on your left side between two abandoned houses. From here you find your way up until you reach some grassland.

Looking down from Tâlve

On the grassland you walk all the way over to where the rocky slopes start. You want to climb the rocks at the furthest point possible, otherwise they are to steep. From here you keep climbing until you reach the summit. On top is a real nice plateau where where you can catch your breath and enjoy the views. After that you can come down the same way.

Total distance: 5382 m
Total climbing: 506 m
Download file: Tâlve.gpx
It’s tough going in winter, but very rewarding if you get to the top.


Here’s a very nice video from our good friends from Bucharest who didn’t climb the left peak, but decided to go for the middle one.  A little harder to get, but a little closer by.

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