Lion King Rock

This track will get you up on the hills without climbing to crazy heights. The Lion King Rock towers out above its surroundings. When you climb it you get an amazing 360view. When you stand in front of our gate you take a right on the asphalt and follow the road for 500 meters. After you pass the last barn you take a cow track up in the hills (don’t let you stop by a fence).

There’s a very good chance that you meet some cows on the way.

Once you reach the grassland you should wonder a bit to your left to enjoy the scenery of the Runcului Gorge. From there you see the Lion King Rock on your right and you can make your way over to it. You can climb it from the back and enjoy the well earned spectacle from its peak. After that you can climb down and find a track that brings you back to the village. There’s more of them so you can choose.

Don’t forget to have a look down in the Runcului gorge.

Unfortunately there’s no map or gpx file yet.

We have a really nice video. Shot with a drone off the farmland around the Lion Kings Rock.

This hike is on its best after a fresh snowfall.

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