Poarta Zmeilor

For this hike you have to take the car for 16 km to the starting point in Salciua de Jos. You can park the car next to a suspended footbridge over the Aries. You cross the bridge and pass the last houses of the village. Then you come up in some fields and go through a bit of forest where you will follow the red cross markings. About half way you reach the Sipote Waterfalls which are really stunning.

The Sipote Waterfall.

After that you can continue the climb while following the red cross. It is a bit of a climb, but on the top awaits to really nice rewards. One is a balcony on the highest point which will give you an amazing panoramaview. The second reward is a cave. It has a small entrance, but if you bring a flashlight you can go in and explore the cave. After the small entrance the cave gets bigger and you can walk around for about a hundred meters. Once you’ve had enough you can retrace your steps and make your way down to the car.

View from Poarta Zmeilor

The whole hike is about 11 km with 750 meters of elevation.

Total distance: 11206 m
Total climbing: 801 m
Download file: Sipote Poarta zmeilor.gpx

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