Zapodie is the place where our neighbors used to go in summer with their cattle. They all had hay-roofed wooden barns there of which some are still standing and a few are still in use. The round trip is a long 24km, but you can also skip 12 of them if you take the car to the next village and leave it at the end of the asphalt road.

The beautiful summer retreat of Zapodie

You start up the asphalt through the Runcului Gorge, through Lunca Larga until you pass the last house and the asphalt road goes on as an unpaved forest road. Soon after that there’s a fork in the road where you pick the right one. This way will take you through the forest until you reach the high grasslands. There you keep going until there’s some crossroads and you take the left, leading down to the picturesque Zapodie where you find a lot of the barns still standing. After you soaked up the beauty of this ancient place you continue the track down and left until you enter the forest again. This road will bring you back to Lunca Larga and from there you can find your way back to Tara Nomada again.

A traditional haystack next to one of the barns.
Total distance: 24109 m
Total climbing: 719 m
Download file: Zapodie.gpx

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