Man who stare at trees – The Movie

Last year, the two German comedians, Uli and Suso went into the woods from our campsite to survive in the wilderness for two weeks. They captured their adventure and turned it into a real movie. Men Staring at Trees can be viewed via the Youtube link below. (The film is in German but Youtube can provide subtitles).

In May 2022,  Boettcher and Engelhardt went into the wilderness of the Carpathians. They wanted to spend two weeks in the forest, far away from the achievements of the modern world, to get a clear idea of ​​what life would be like without these achievements. How the civilized man feels without civilization. What longings, insights and problems would show up. “Men who stare at trees” is a research project for Uli Boettcher’s stage program “Auszeit”, which premiered in October ’22.


Maraton Apuseni

Maraton Apuseni

You can now sign up for the Apuseni Maraton which is basically in our backyard. The best trail running event of Europe will take place on May 27th 2023. Exploring the mountains in the most sporty way.

Maraton Apuseni
Try your mountain running skills at the Apuseni Maraton

There’s a race for everybody. A family race for the smallest. A 12km cross for the starters. Then there’s a Semi-, Full and Ultra Marathon.

Running Apuseni Maraton.
Sign up now for the Apuseni Maraton.

We allready signed up. Do you join us? You can combine your adventure with a stay at Tara Nomada.

If you like to get some practice before the race you can try some of the Trails from Tara Nomada. You find them on our special Trail Running page.

Camper Adventure Romania

Want to explore Romania with a VW camper van? Visit some of the most beautiful places in the country. Sleep wherever your van takes you? Visit our campsite and many other places in Transylvania…

Camping in Romania. Kamperen in Roemenie met een volkswagen busje. Rent a camper van in Romania.
Happy Camping Life

We can highly recommend Camper Adventures Romania. Joris and Babynke are very good friends of ours and run their Camper Rental from the city of Timisoara.Camper Adventures Romania. Kamperen in Roemenie met een Volkswagen busje. Roemeens kampeer avontuur.

Last september we had the chance to explore Romania with one of their vans. It was an amazing experience! We can definitely recommend this!

Sunrise at the Black Sea coast. Camping in Romania. Kamperen in Roemenie. Rent a camper van. Volkswagen busje huren.
Sunrise @ the Black Sea

Starlink Internet

Digital Nomad now you can work remote from Tara Nomada
We now offer a stable internet connection so you can work remote.
Starlink satelites above

Although most of our village didn’t change much for the last 100 years, the future made an entrance. We have established a Starlink internet connection. This means that we can host digital nomads now. You can now enjoy the freedom, nature and quietness and still get some work done. 

Starlink reaches speeds of 250 mbps which is faster then the average household connection. So if you want to come and work remotely you’re very welcome.

Digital Nomad now you can work remote from Tara Nomada
You can work remote now from Tara Nomada


Work remote from Tara Nomada.

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